Dr. Frank Holladay


Born and raised in Southern California, Dr. Frank Holladay attended the University of California at Berkeley for an undergraduate degree in zoology, at which time he realized the direction he wanted to take in his career — medicine.
He went on to attend Creighton University Medical School. while performing surgery on a brain tumor in medical school at Creighton university he knew he wanted to become a neurosurgeon. After his fellowship in neurosurgery, he took a teaching position at the University of Kansas.

Kellie Stewart, RN, MSN, APRN


Kellie Stewart began her career as a Respiratory Therapist and after receiving her Bachelors of Nursing degree from the University of Missouri, Kansas City, she worked in the Intensive Care Unit for five years. Kellie went on to receive a Masters of Science in Nursing in the Adult/ Geriatric Nurse Practitioner track from the University of Kansas. She is also a member of several nursing professional organizations.